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  • General information on TrueYou genetic services
    1. How accurate are TrueYou genetic services? What accreditations do they have

      At TrueYou, we understand that your genetic information can affect your whole life. That's why our genetic services are conducted in a state-of-the-art-class laboratory that is fully accredited for DNA extraction and SNP genotyping to assure our customers of the highest data quality and best laboratory practices. With these standards in place, you can be assured that our TrueYou reports are up to 99.9% accurate.

    2. How safe is my personal data?

      We are fully committed to securing your confidentiality. We have established stringent procedures to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of all personal data in our care. All TrueYou staff members adhere to our internal code of conduct which, among other security measures, ensures that your data can only be accessed by authorised personnel. We understand and respect the sensitive nature of your personal information. It will never be shared with a third party without your consent.

    3. Is there an age restriction? Can anyone try use the genetic services that are offered?

      TrueYou genetic services are suitable for everyone. However, for accounts of those under the age of 18 years, parent or guardian consent is required.

    4. If I wish to try other genetic services in future, am I required to take another saliva test?

      No, you are not required to take another saliva test. That's because your genetic material or DNA will not change throughout your lifetime.

    5. Can I still try any of the genetic services offered if I am pregnant?

      Yes, you can try any of the TrueYou genetic services as they are non-invasive. It will not affect your pregnancy because only your saliva is used.

    6. Can my TrueYou report be my only source for health advice? Do I still need to listen to my physician's advice or go for health screenings?

      No, your TrueYou report cannot be your only source for health advice. A TrueYou health report should never replace a physician's advice or a health screening. You should always consult your physician on all medical matters.

  • How do I get a TrueYou saliva collection kit?
    1. How do I purchase a TrueYou saliva collection kit?

      You may purchase a TrueYou saliva collection kit at the Elken headquarters, or at any Elken branch, stockist or distributor. Please visit this page for contact details and/or locations.

    2. Can I purchase on behalf of my family/friends?

      Yes, you can. In fact, depending on the package, TrueYou saliva collection kit make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or for a loved one's precious child. Please note that the kit will have to be registered with TrueYou in the respective individual's name.

    3. When I purchase a saliva collection kit for my family/friend, will I have access to their reports?

      No. It is important to respect the confidentiality of their personal data. Only those whose genes are being analysed are given access to their results. However, those below 18 years of age will need to access their results through their parent's TrueYou account.

    4. I am not living in Malaysia. Can I purchase TrueYou saliva collection kit?

      Currently, we do not accept cross-border country purchases. This means that you can only purchase a TrueYou saliva collection kit within Malaysia.

  • What should I do upon receiving my TrueYou saliva collection kit?
    1. What is inside my TrueYou saliva collection kit?

      Your TrueYou saliva collection kit includes a saliva collection device, a user manual, a biohazard bag and a courier company shipping bag. The saliva collection tube comes with 2ml of a stabilising solution.

    2. How do I register my TrueYou saliva collection kit?

      After you have created your TrueYou account at, you may log in any time to register your saliva collection kit. You can monitor the status of your test and view your report when it is ready.

      By registering your saliva collection kit, you will link your saliva sample to the barcode and enable us to trace ownership. For further security, samples without the account link will not be processed by the laboratory and will be destroyed.

    3. What should I do if I am unable register my saliva collection kit despite several attempts

      Error messages may pop up for various reasons. Should that happen when you are in the process of registering your saliva collection kit, please contact us at and provide details about the error. Kindly include a screenshot of the error page if possible.

  • How do I collect my saliva sample?
    1. How soon do I need to collect my saliva sample after receiving the saliva collection kit?

      The saliva collection kit has a shelf life of 3 years so you can use it at any time before the expiry date with proper storage condition. However we strongly recommend you to collect your saliva sample as soon as you've completed the registration with TrueYou in order to get your report as early as possible.

    2. How do I collect my saliva sample?

      Please refer to the user manual provided with your TrueYou saliva collection kit.

    3. How long will the saliva samples be good after I collect it?

      After the samples are collected, they will be good for at least 3 years at room temperature with propose storage and handling. We strongly recommend you to send your saliva sample to the laboratory right after sample collection.

    4. Will my saliva sample be affected by temperature?

      Normal room temperature is not an issue. The saliva collection tube you receive contains a stabilising agent to protect your DNA sample. If not exposed to temperatures higher than 80°C, your sample will remain stable for as long as 3 years at room temperature.

  • How do I send my saliva sample back to the laboratory?
    1. After collecting my saliva sample, how do I send it in for testing?

      You may drop it off personally at the Elken headquarters, or at any Elken branch, stockist or distributor. The customer service personnel will be happy to assist you.

      You may also schedule a pick-up service online here. Our appointed courier company will then contact you to schedule a pick-up time.

    2. How many times can I re-schedule a pick-up?

      We understand that you would need to schedule a pick-up around your personal and family time. That's why we have negotiated with our appointed courier company so that you can re-schedule the pick-up as many times as you want, as long as it is done within 24 hours of your original pick-up time.

    3. How do I track the delivery status?

      Tracking can be easily done after you have registered your saliva collection kit. Just click on the “Delivery status” tab under My account to check your kit's delivery status.

  • When can I receive my TrueYou report?
    1. What happens after TrueYou receives my saliva sample?

      Upon receiving your saliva sample, the laboratory will process it using the genotyping machine, iScan, to decode your sample. Once completed, our panel of well-established scientists will further analyse the results and prepare your report. We will notify you when your report is ready so that you can view it on Generally, it will be ready for viewing approximately 4 weeks after our laboratory receives your saliva sample. This is because analysing the huge amount of information DNA contains takes a long time.

    2. How do I view my TrueYou report?

      Login to or download the TrueYou app from Google Play or Apple AppStore to access your TrueYou report.

    3. Do I get a hardcopy of my report?

      We currently only provide the softcopy of your report at or the TrueYou app at Google Play or Apple AppStore.

    4. Who will have access to my TrueYou report?

      Protecting your personal data is our commitment to you. We have established stringent procedures to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of all personal data in our care.

      Your saliva collection kit is marked with a unique barcode, which you are required to link to your account during registration. During the DNA analysis phase, the barcode, which has no personal information attached to it, is the only link which ties your sample to your account. That means, none of the scientists who process your DNA has access to your account and personal information.

      Furthermore, your results can only be accessed through your personal TrueYou account which you can access here It is only when you require a consultation with one our nutrigenomics consultants that he or she is given access to your file.

    5. What language is my TrueYou report available in?

      Your TrueYou report will be available in the English language only.

  • Who can I talk to about my report?
    1. What is the consultation session about?

      We understand that your genetic report can be difficult to understand. The consultation session gives you the opportunity to understand your report better. This is a paid service where you can talk to a professional and personable nutrigenomics consultant who can be a helpful partner to you on your journey of self-discovery. You may click the link to purchase and schedule a personalised consultant session.

    2. Why do I need to fill in a health check survey form before the consultation session?

      At TrueYou, we strive for accuracy in every aspect of our work. That's why we need this survey - to gather the most current information about your health status to enable the consultant to give you relevant and personalised advice. Rest assured that all information you provide will be treated as strictly private and confidential, to be accessed only by the relevant consultant.

    3. What language will the consultation session be conducted in?

      You may choose to have the consultation session conducted in one of 2 main languages, English or Mandarin. Bahasa Malaysia/Melayu will be a supporting language when needed. Each session will last about 45 minutes.

    4. How will the consultation be conducted?

      The consultation will be conducted face to face or via skype/other virtual platform based on the location and convenience of the consumer.

    5. How do I schedule a consultation session?

      You may log in to your TrueYou account and book an available slot from the appointment calendar. An email notification will be sent to you once the schedule is confirmed.

    6. Can I reschedule the consultation session? How do I do it?

      Yes. We will gladly accommodate any change in your schedule. Log in to your TrueYou account and amend the date on the appointment calendar. Ensure you reschedule to your new time slot at least 48 hours before the scheduled slot. An email notification will be sent to you once your new slot is confirmed.

    7. How many times can I reschedule the consultation service?

      We understand that you may need to reschedule because of personal or family commitments. However, take note that you may only reschedule twice. After that your consultation voucher will no longer be valid. You would then need to purchase a new consultation package.

    8. How should I book the consultation?

      You may log in to, under my profile there will be a button for the consultation booking, enter your activation code, fill up the questionnaire and choose the time and date which you prefer.

  • What if my saliva collection kit is faulty / defective OR I have accidentally lost / damaged it?
    1. What if the saliva collection kit I received is faulty or defective?

      Contact us via this link immediately. We will help you get a replacement kit. Take note that terms and conditions apply.

    2. What if I lose my saliva collection kit or accidentally damage it?

      Kindly contact our Customer Service at and they would be happy to assist you.

    3. How do I return a faulty or defective saliva collection kit?

      Quality is one of our highest priorities. The saliva collection kit you purchase is of medical standard and would be able to maintain full function. However, should you discover any damage to your collection kit, kindly follow these steps to exchange it for a new one.

      Notify our customer service within three (3) business days of purchasing or receiving the kit. You will be instructed to take your damaged kit to the Elken headquarters, or any Elken branch, stockist or distributor. The Elken customer service representative will inspect the damage.

      Upon confirming that the damage is due to Elken or its delivery partner, you may return the affected kit, original carton and your copy of the Credit Note (CN). You will then be given a new collection kit.

      Please take note that Elken reserves the right to reject the exchange if the original carton and your copy of the CN is not available.

    4. What if I've changed my mind? Can I return the saliva collection kit?

      Your satisfaction is important to us. You must be 100% satisfied with the TrueYou saliva collection kit and service before we proceed further. If you decide not to continue with your test, you may return your kit - in good condition, i.e. unopened, unaltered and unexpired - for a full refund.

      Please provide a written reason for the return or exchange and include a copy of the Customer Order Receipt. Once you have received an acknowledgement from TrueYou, you may return the kit, or exchange the faulty kit for a new one at the Elken headquarters, or at any Elken branch, stockist or distributor.

      Kindly attach the following at the time of return:
      • Product Return Form (attached with written reasons for return)
      • Copy of Invoice/Cash Order and Customer Order Receipt

      Take note that you have 90 days from the date of purchase to return or exchange your saliva collection kit.

      This guarantee only applies to purchases made through the TrueYou official website and/or from registered members. Expired or products damaged due to negligence, misuse, mishandling or unauthorised modification will not be accepted.

  • What if the laboratory fails to process my saliva sample?
    1. What happens when the laboratory can't process my saliva sample?

      This usually happens when the DNA cannot be extracted, due to contamination or the amount of viable DNA is too small. These are just 2 of many other reasons.

    2. What is the next step if my saliva sample cannot be processed?

      We will contact you and arrange for you to pick up a replacement saliva collection kit. Whatever causes the failure, you will not be required to pay any additional cost. Some terms and conditions will apply.

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